Culture and the Innate Mind Conference

This interdisciplinary conference will investigate the interaction of culture and the innate mind.

  • To what extent are mature cognitive capacities a reflection of particular cultures and to what extent are they a product of innate elements?
  • How do innate elements interact with culture to achieve mature cognitive capacities?
  • How do minds generate and shape cultures?
  • How are cultures processed by minds?

Confirmed Speakers
Click on name for Title and Abstract (when available)

Rita Astuti
Anthropology, LSE

Scott Atran
Anthropology, Paris & Michigan

Brian Butterworth
ICN & Psychology, UCL

Peter Carruthers
Philosophy, Maryland

Susan Dwyer
Philosophy, UM-BC

Marcus Giaquinto
Philosophy, UCL

Patricia Greenspan
Philosophy, Maryland

Paul Griffiths
HPS, Pittsburgh

David Papineau
Philosophy, KCL

Edmund Rolls
Experimental Psychology, Oxford

Paul Rozin
Psychology, Pennsylvania

Michael Siegal
Psychology, Sheffield

Elizabeth Spelke
Psychology, Harvard

Dan Sperber
CNRS, Paris

Chandra Sripada & Stephen Stich
Philosophy, Rutgers

Kim Sterelny
Philosophy, Victoria & ANU

David Sloan Wilson
Biology, Binghamton

Dreaming Lydia

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Conference on Culture and the Innate Mind
Department of Philosophy
University of Sheffield
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This conference is the second of a three-year project sponsored by the Arts & Humanities Research Board of the United Kingdom. Additional funding for the project provided by the Cognitive Studies Research Group at the University of Maryland, the Research Group on Evolution and Higher Cognition at Rutgers University, and the Hang Seng Centre for Cognitive Studies at the University of Sheffield.