Information for Parents

Thank you for taking the time to read about our research. We depend on parents and educators in order to conduct our research. There are many reasons why parents and children may participate in our studies. Many parents are interested in providing their children with new experiences and/or are interested in contributing to scientific knowledge. We provide all parents with a copy of our results following completion of our studies. In addition, your child will receive small gifts as a thank you for participating in our studies. Please see the parental brochure listed below for more information.


*Imitation Study*

We are actively recruiting children between 27 and 33 months of age (2.5-years) for a study on imitation. In this study, your child will observe an adult model use a tool for the purposes of ringing a bell. Your child will then be given the opportunity to use this same tool for the task or a different tool that can perform the same function. We are simply interested in whether your child will return to the same tool as the model or will prefer an alternative tool. In addition, your child will also be asked to make a choice about which tool to use for the purposes of crushing a cracker. Your child will also be asked to participate in two fun games: hopping rocks and coloring pictures. The purpose of this study is to determine what types of teaching strategies are essential in order for children to acquire tool use behaviours.

Testing includes two short sessions, scheduled 1-3 days apart. The sessions take approximately 15 minutes. We do our very best to schedule these sessions at a time that is most convenient for you. If you would like your child to be seen at his/her nursery school, please provide us with this information. Your child's session will be video taped so that we may record your child's responses at a later point in time. All research materials are locked in secure file at the laboratory and no identifying information will be associated with your child's video tape.


Are you interested in participating?

Please download a copy of our parental brochure for more information and complete the consent form. You may email a copy of the completed consent form to Dr. Brenda Phillips, lab director, at or you may mail it to the address listed below.

Thank you!


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