Artefacts & Material Culture Reading Group


Folky PsychologyThe Artefacts & Material Culture Reading Group is running alongside the Artefacts & Material Culture component of the Centre's Culture and the Mind Project. We will be discussing recent work in philosophy, psychology and anthropology on the cognitive structures underlying our interactions with artefacts and material culture.

We will be meeting fortnightly at 10am on Friday mornings (begining Friday 17th October) in C12H in the Chemistry Building on Western Bank. The Philosophy of Psychology Reading Group will meet in the same place on alternate Fridays.

If you would like to join this reading group please email Simon Fitzpatrick. As ever, everyone is welcome!

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**Next Meeting: Friday 28th November

Friedman, O., & Neary, K.R. (2008). Determining who owns what: Do children infer ownership from first possession? Cognition, 107, 829-849.


Friday 31st October

Yvonne M. Ashera and Deborah G. Kemler Nelson (2008). Was it designed to do that? Children's focus on intended function in their conceptualization of artifacts. Cognition, 106(1), 474-483.

Marissa L. Greif, Deborah G. Kemler Nelson, Frank C. Keil, and Franky Gutierrez (2006). What Do Children Want to Know About Animals and Artifacts? Domain-Specific Requests for Information. Psychological Science, 17(6), 455-459.


Friday 17th October

Jamshid J. Tehrani & Felix Riede (2008). Towards an archaeology of pedagogy: learning, teaching and the generation of material culture traditions. World Archaeology, Vol. 40(3): 316–331.